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Updated: 23 Nov 2023


Feel free to utilize our tailor-made images designed by experts specifically to simplify the explanation of welding processes. These visuals are a result of significant investment in both time and resources. Thus, their use is subject to our terms of service.

  • All the images and tables created by Welding Villa come under the essential property of the site owner.
  • The good news is that the images on the site are free to use for non-commercial purposes on one condition: the entity would provide a link back to the Welding Villa website to praise its efforts.
  • Remember, while publishing our site’s original image to your asset, place a clickable link in the caption area of the image where a user directly clicks on the link. 
  • These images are created professionally by a team of experts, so no one can copy the site image and make some changes like modifying, cropping and altering. The entity should ask permission from the copyright owner for the commercial purposes.
  • You’re free to use the images responsibly, ensuring they aren’t used disrespectfully, offensively, or unsuitable.
  • Please credit all images to their original creators and sources and ensure that any trademarks or logos remain unchanged.
  • People who use the image are responsible for protecting the copyright owner from any claims, damages, or expenses that result from using the image.
  • You agree to handle these terms and conditions when you utilize any image from this website.
  • The owner holding the copyright can cancel the license at any point without giving prior notice.

Our image usage terms and conditions are intended to safeguard our assets without causing any harm. All of the above points are in place to protect our investments while ensuring fair and respectful use of our valuable resources.

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mig welding technique
MIG Welding System
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