What Is Mig Welding Used For? The Beginners Guide

Updated: 29 Nov 2023


MIG welding, short for metal inert gas welding, has extensive use across various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, construction, railroad, and shipping. It did not just stop there; it made its way into several markets and became one of the go-to choices for many DIYers due to its user-friendly nature.

Mig welding is versatile enough that people will use it for small household items to craft heavy construction materials by bringing numerous ideas to life. It has a high volume demand, specifically in those areas where efficiency is required within a tight timeframe.

Having diverse research on the topic and gathering info about what a mig welder is used for, along with MIG welding examples. So, let’s get to it without wasting any time.

What is MIG Welding Used for? Let’s Dive Inside:

MIG welding is a versatile welding process widely used for various welding processes, including different metals. The process involves joining those metals with the help of continuously feeding electrode wire in the presence of shielding gas. Some of the metals are discussed below, as well as how they are used with MIG welding.

Industries that Used Mig Welding:

Automotive Industry:

MIG welding used in automative industry to join vehicle parts
Mig Welding in the Automotive Industry
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One of the vast industries that use mig welding is the automotive sector. Most car companies use mig welding for their car assembly, exhaust systems, body parts, and all those secure joints. The repair shops that deal with fixing structural and cosmetic damage to cars also apply MIG welding.

As time passes, the technology evolves, but most of the companies and sectors in the automotive industry still depend on mig welding for its fixing development and fixtures.

In some situations, some parts of the car don’t fit with mig welding, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. Instead of steel, you should use aluminum alloy, which will suit the job. In fact, the speed and precision of MIG welding technique make it indispensable in this industry.

Construction and Infrastructure:

the use of mig welding in construction and infrastructure
Mig Welding in Construction and Infrastructure
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In the infrastructure and construction development domain, MIG welding plays a pivotal role. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s used to create steel columns, beans, and other frameworks for any building and bridge. In construction, whenever there is a joint, then there will be mig welding.

Most construction companies rely on MIG welding because it provides strength and stability in its structure, while others fail to do so. Sometimes, the building needs some unique parts that can’t be made on a machine, then MIG welding rescues you and helps you create it more stable.

Besides tall and unique buildings, welding is also used in ordinary houses to make ladders, handrails, stairs, and other metal.

Manufacturing Sectors:

uses of mig welding in the sector of manufacturing
Mig Welding Use in Manufacturing Sectors
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Almost all manufacturing facilities rely on mig welding to produce different metal products perfectly. Those products include all sorts of metal stuff, from furniture to industrial machinery.

Its versatility and ability to work with every type of metal make it an absolute choice for any welding. Mig welding is used in every manufacturing sector; whether small or big, thin or thick, the mig welding will be there to perform its magic.

If the manufacturing contains a high volume of assembly or production and it’s by hand, then 100% it’s through mig welding.

Aerospace and Aviation:

Precision welding is the key in aviation and aerospace industries, which is why we need mig welding because it’s highly accurate. The MIG technique accuracy is used to construct most aerospace aircraft components.

The MIG welding is sturdy but lightweight, suitable for aircraft structural integrity. It is not only used for its manufacturing but also employed in repairing most of its parts. Such parts include landing gear, exterior, and exhausting system.

Shipbuilding and Maritime:

Building ships and other vessels for water required solid construction, which is why, most of the time, it used mig welding. Most shipbuilders use it for its durability and sturdiness to make ships and other water vessels.

These ships and other marine vessels need strong, watertight welds, not because it is essential to hold water pressure.

Besides that, MIG process is also used to repair these ships and vessels, providing longevity and ensuring safe usage for a couple more years.

Home Applications:

MIG welding has a wide range of uses, and it’s not just limited to industries; it has many applications. It is one of the favourite things of DIYers and homeowners whenever they have a project in their mind.

Whether you are crafting custom furniture, making metal sculptures, or just repairing your household stuff, a mig welder is a wise choice to go with. It is because it is easy to use and it can provide a versatile accessibility to choose from.


mig welding used in robotics
Mig Welding Robotics
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With the advancement in technology, mig welding also takes a step forward. A couple of years ago, MIG process was introduced to robotics, which increased productivity and improved the whole production system.

Mig welding can run along with robotics just fine because it needs precision and quick work, which mig welding is also suitable for. So whenever you need something done quickly but with precision, there is only one thing you will rely on: mig welding technique.

MIG Welding Used For Different Metals:

Mig welding can be used for different metals. Every metal has its speciality when it is combined with metal welding. Some of those metals are given below.


Mig welding is extensively used for welding steel because this process is efficient for providing high-quality welds. MIG welding stainless steel is used in many industries, such as construction, automotive, and other steel manufacturing companies.

Mig welding with steel can be used for almost everything because it is cheap and perfect for learning and practicing.


mig welding with aluminium
MIG Welding Aluminum
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MIG welding is also preferred for aluminum welding with a certain modification compared to steel. It uses an aluminium-specific wire and shielding gas of Argon because it is lightweight and can’t withstand extreme heat like carbon steel.

Unlike steel, Aluminum is most commonly used for fabrication, specifically aerospace components, automotive parts, and different structural applications.

Stainless Steel:

using mig welding for stainless steel
Mig Welding Stainless Steel
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Stainless steel is one of the most efficient alloys, which also shares similarities with aluminum and normal steel. It is the strongest form of steel, which is lightweight but less than aluminum.

In all of the welding processes, MIG welding is one of the best choices for stainless steel because it provides clean and precise welding for it. Welding stainless steel is mainly used in food processes, medical equipment, architectural structural, and Figurine.

MIG welding stainless steel needs proper focus because getting back from a ruined weld is expensive and complicated.


Unlike the previous metal, MIG welding can also be used with Magnesium, but you must adapt accordingly. This means that it needs a specific type of wire and shielding gas selection. Magnesium welding, through the MIG technique, is used in industries where lightweight components are crucial, such as aerospace and automotive.

Advantages and Limitations:

Everything we use has advantages and limitations, and mig welding is no different. We know that it is fast, flexible, and efficient, but it has several drawbacks as well.


Some of the advantages of Mig welding are given below.

  • High-speed welding within seconds.
  • Minimum post-welding cleanup.
  • Ability to work with a wide range of materials.
  • Efficient and durable even for water.

Some of the disadvantages of MIG welding are given below.

  • The gas is Unsuitable for metal like aluminium.
  • Hard to carry around easily.
  • It is more expensive than welding types.

Safety Precautions while Mig Welding:

Few mig welding safety precautions
Safety Precautions while Mig Welding
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Whether it’s mig welding or other types, it involves significant safety hazards, so some serious safety precautions must be taken. First, they should wear appropriate gear, including gloves, helmets with auto-darkening shades, and flame-resistant clothing.

Is mig welding easy? By following all these safety precautions, yes, it is easy. All of these things are important for a safe welding environment. Also, proper training and certification are highly recommended for working with mig welding technique.


What is MIG Welding most commonly Used for?

The most common use of MIG welding is in home improvement, automotive, and construction work. It is used for many different purposes and in other domains, but these are some of the common ones.

Can You weld anything with a MIG Welder?

Yes, you can weld almost everything (metals) with mig welders. The MIG welding works best with metals like aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, magnesium, nickel, and bronze. It also works with other different alloys, either metal or a combination of metal.

What is MIG Welding not good for?

Mig welding can be used for almost every material but can’t be used on thin materials due to its tremendous heat production. It can damage those thicker materials, so using it on them is not good.

Which is better, TIG or MIG welding?

Both are good in their nature. The MIG welding is generally easy to learn and perform. It is also faster and works very well on all sorts of materials. On the other hand, TIG welding offers precise control even on thinner materials and has a neat finish every time.

Is MIG Welding a Strong Weld?

Yes, Mig welding is strong because it has a lot of uses. It is used in every industry, from construction to manufacturing big machinery. However, it may not be good with some materials, but after all, it has solid welds.

Which metal cannot be welded in Mig welding?

Almost every metal out here can be used and welded with mig welding, but it is copper that gives you a hard time welding. When you weld copper, it’s recommended to weld it with TIG welding instead of mig welding.

Can I use Mig without Gas?

Yes, you can, but it’s tough to achieve and not for beginners. It can only be archived with qualified welders. For welding without gas, you need a couple of conditions, and one of them is to use a flux core, especially when it’s windy.


In conclusion, MIG welding is a versatile and widely used process in various industries. Whether you work in automotive manufacturing, are employed in some construction company, or are just a simple man working as a DIYer in one of your home projects, understanding Mig welding is very important.

While it is used, it provides numerous advantages that are essential to acknowledge. Mig welding also allows you to work without limitations but prioritizes safety with power equipment.

I hope you understand what MIG technique is used for, but if you still have some questions, please ask them in the Comment section below.

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