Is Welding Hard to Learn? The Reality of Learning Welding Skills

Updated: 10 Jan 2024


Welding is a complex procedure in all construction processes because it is one of the hardest things to learn. If you feel this as well, embark on a journey to learn about different welding challenges that one may encounter.

Welding has a different spectrum of difficulty, which has many influencing factors like experience and specific welding goals. If you are welding as a hobby and welding simple repairs, it’s pretty easy and approachable. But if you are aiming for certification, you may face a more demanding path, and your journey includes mastering diverse techniques, which undoubtedly makes welding hard.

The welding process is hard, but it can still be achieved. Once you understand them one step at a time, the intricacies of each welding process unveil its challenges. Only after that will you feel the taste of victory after conquering them.

Is Welding Hard to Learn:

Welding encompasses a spectrum of techniques, some of which are easy while others have some difficulty. Most people don’t start welding because they think it cannot be real, and they give up before even learning it. After all, it’s a hard process because almost 40% of students leave it during their training or studies while thinking it’s HARD.

Yes, welding is hard, and different factors make it more complicated, but there are also factors and things that, if you follow them properly, will make the whole welding process easy. But keep in mind, in the welding industry, some hardships make welding hard. Below, we defined both processes step by step, so let’s get to it.

Is welding a complex field
Is Welding Hard to Learn
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Why is Welding Hard:

Welding is considered one of the hardest and most challenging processes due to different factors. The level of difficulty in welding varies among individuals. Below, we define some factors that play an important part in its complexity.

Complex Techniques:

Welding consists of complex processes, and mastering all or a few requires time and patience because each has its own rules. Some of these processes are so complex that even the well-trained and experienced welder can pull them off.

One of the complex processes is TIG welding, which needs precise control; otherwise, you will ruin your weld. Processes like these make a name for the welding being hard and challenging that no beginners should try.

Skill and Coordination Required:

welding is not easy but hard
Skill and Coordination Required While Welding

Another reason that welding is hard is its manual dexterity, hand coordination, and spatial awareness. During the welding, you should focus on keeping all your senses simultaneously.

Achieving the level of precision necessary for quality welds demands honed motor skills, which can be very hard for many people. Keeping your skills on time is complex for some people, making welding hard.

Safety Concerns:

Safety is paramount in welding because of the potential hazards associated with its process. These hazards include exposure to intense heat, fumes, and UV radiation. Welding safety is essential in these processes, which you should focus on while welding.

Many welding safety implementations need proper protocols, which are hard to do simultaneously on top of the learning process.

Learning Curve:

As discussed above, there are different types of welding, and all those welding processes are not easy to attempt. Some processes may be easy, but most are challenging and need a proper learning curve, which is sometimes difficult to focus on.

All these welding processes are different; some are easy, while others are hard. Some welding processes have easy learning curves, while others have steeper learning curves.

Things to Make Welding Easy to Learn:

As we know, welding is hard to learn due to many factors. Many factors contribute to making it a complex task, but some factors make it easy enough, and that’s why welding is easy and achievable.

Some key elements that facilitate the learning process are listed below. We define all those processes individually to let you understand the process, learn it step by step, and make it easy to learn.

Structure Education Programs:

There are formal welding education programs to attend to learn welding properly. These schools provide a structured curriculum, hands-on training, and guidance from experienced welder instructors.

Most people think these programs are insignificant, but trust me, they offer a comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of welding from its basics and train you to the end.

Beginner Training Process:

First, you should have a proper welding education and start with a beginner-level training process. Make sure to start with the beginner level, which makes the learning curve smoother.

You also make sure to start with an easy welding process and avoid the hard welding process. For example, start with SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) or stick welding because it is considered easy to learn and has an easy learning curve. It’s one of the easy processes and is recommended for beginners.

Access to Learning Resources:

Suppose you go to a proper school and get a proper welding education. In that case, you can access online sources, like tutorials and other instructional videos, which can play an important role in your welding accessibility.

While learning from online resources, you get content that explains techniques properly and will help you in the long run.

Safety Emphasis:

mig welding safet precautions

Safety is one of the main things you focus on while making welding easy. A proper safety emphasis is very important whenever you are working or learning the art of welding. It’s not only good for you but also required for your welding equipment.

You can only emphasize safety when you understand it, and only then can you implement proper safety measures. These safety emphases include wearing appropriate protective gear, having proper ventilation, etc.

Regularly Practice:

Regular practice is essential to master welding skills and make learning easy. People complain that welding is too hard because they have never been to proper practice. After all, practice makes a man perfect by making it easy for them.

To practice regularly, you should access all the proper welding equipment to learn faster and work enough to build muscle memory and refine your techniques.

Need Patience:

Whenever you learn something, you need to be patient with it, and just like that, learning and mastering welding requires a lot of time and patience. Patience has come with a positive mindset and the understanding that improvement comes only with patience.

Learning to weld is easy if you are patient enough to follow the whole learning process step by step. Many people start welding with excitement but need to follow through with the whole process and end up saying welding is tricky to learn. That’s also the reason it is hard to become a welder.

Focusing on Objectives:

As discussed above, people left the welding learning process in the middle, so you need to focus on your objective: learning welding. Establishing a clear learning objective helps the welding learner to learn it sooner rather than later.

If you can’t follow any specific process, then make a plan for yourself and focus on that. Now follow that plan and manage to follow the process step by step, which will gradually progress the sense of accomplishment.

Proper Welding Equipment:

While learning the welding process, make sure to have and use proper welding equipment because sometimes they can make the welding process hard for you and make you quit. You are focusing on getting good-condition equipment, which should be adequately maintained so that it doesn’t hinder the learning procedure.

Welding Process that Makes the Welding Complex:

There are a lot of reasons that create an image that welding is just rocket science and one of the complex welding processes. Different welding processes, some tough, scared people even before they started, for example, TIG welding.

So whenever you want to learn the welding process, you should start with the easy or complex one, which makes you bored, and stop the welding process immediately. You should choose an easy process like SMAW welding and start with it, which is easy and approachable for beginners.


How long does it take to learn how to weld?

When discussing an associate degree, it depends upon its duration, about two years. It’s an 18-month course which takes up to 20 years in total. But if you talk about working in a welding area and learning welding, it takes about 3 to 4 years.

How hard is it to learn welding?

Well, welding is considered one of the hardest skills to learn, and most people can make it to finals. According to a study, up to 60% of welding students leave the program before reaching its finals. So it’s hard not only to learn but also to do it.

Can I teach myself to Weld?

You can self-taught yourself to weld, and many people are doing it already. Almost any skill can be self-tough but needs time, patience, and practice. There are also many things that you need to keep in mind, like safety precautions and having proper knowledge of welding equipment before touching it.

What is the Hardest Welding?

There is a lot of talk about the hardest welding; in all, TIG welding wins. Tungsten inert welding is one of the hardest processes to understand and practice. This complex process needs proper techniques, which you can only learn by mastering your focus. TIG welding is also considered one of the market’s most vigorous and robust welding methods.

What Should a Beginner Welder Know?

Beginner welding should have different aspects, like safety, knowledge of power and voltage, and materials knowledge. Any beginner should take some training before starting it. You should also attend or get a welding certification.

What is the Easiest Weld to Learn?

There are different speculations about welding, and which one is easy to learn? Well, two types of welding are considered easy. One is Mig welding, and the other is SMA welding. Both are easy to learn and if you are a beginner, you should start with them. These processes are relatively easy to learn and understand.

Is Learning to Weld Expensive?

Yes, it’s expensive, but not as medical or legal. It ranges from 5000$ up to $30,000. The cost of welding studies depends upon the length of the programs. It will be less expensive if it’s a minor program, but if it takes more time, it will be costly.


Welding is a complex process, and its difficulty level varies depending on different factors. But don’t worry; you can understand it and make it simple for yourself if you know its basic aptitude and level of aspiring challenge.

Learning welding might be a complicated and rough journey, but trust feels the wind of success. I hope you understand the process; please visit our website for more information.

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